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Fringe Review #2: 4.48 Psychosis

July 23, 2017

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Fringe Review #6: The Neighbo(u?)rhood Watch Improv

July 26, 2017


I haven’t checked and I won’t because I don’t believe in second-guessing myself, but is it “Neighbourhood” or “Neighborhood”? In the end, it doesn’t matter, because a Neighbourhood is a Neighborhood and they are both a COMMUNITY! And communities are special, just like each member of this nifty, stylish improv troupe.


In the afternoon performance I saw, Yuri Hladio shined as a variation on the Santa Claus mythos we all know and love! Matt Woelk brought a joyful gravitas and dignity to the happenings (his name should be GLEE-elk! LMAO!) Michael Barkman’s height was put to great, realistic youth in his portrayal of a young child! Toronto-based thespian Beverley Fredborg glowed as a mother of a half-human half-muskrat Kenton Dyck, known in Manitoba circles for his excellent hair and defined six-pack abs. Erin Meagan Schwartz brought the troupe together with her visual flair and effortless charisma that seemed to plaintively state, “I’m so cool and I don’t even try. Don’t even bother because THIS? You’re born with it. You can’t just buy it at Ardene’s.”


A wholesome adventure through a town that isn’t yours but you wish it was, because your home community probably hasn’t adopted eco-socialism, the way of the future. 87 Wahlburgers for this family-friendly improv troupe! Thank you for welcoming us audiences so warmly in to your world (and sometimes, if we’re lucky, in to your beds.) 

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