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Fringe Review #2: 4.48 Psychosis

July 23, 2017

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Fringe Review #4: Inertia

July 26, 2017


Inertia is one of the two most important shows at the Festival this year, and eye-rollingly, exhaustingly, unsurprisingly one of the most overlooked. Wonderfully performed, with some of the best design elements to be found at the Fringe, and a honourable Mark Wahlberg reference within the first 10 minutes of the show, Inertia is a total treat! 


Gislina Patternson, Davis Plett, Angelica Schwartz, and Erin Meagan Schwartz are some of Winnipeg’s most intelligent and innovative emerging artists. I expect more from them than I do from most of my other peers in the theatre community, and I believe they more than deliver with this show. Judged against its peers, it is one of the best shows at this year’s Fringe. Judged against the potential of its creators, it’s a fantastic and powerful step forward in their process and work.


It's pretty cray how the star ratings for this show are lower than many other shows that are vastly inferior in terms of theatrical technique. It's almost as though star ratings are totally arbitrary, or given based on personal preference rather than actual merit! 


So listen up, Winnipeg. I know you're a racist, conservative town that hates anything new or anything different, but you need to grow the fuck up. The avant-garde is the norm in New York, in London, and all over Europe. Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver all boast an exciting experimental theatre scene. So why not you, Winnipeg?


I’m tired of the most talented artists in Winnipeg being the ones who are stuck bearing the burden of insecurity. They should not have to ask the question, “Will Winnipeg understand my work?” or “Will Winnipeg respect my work?” The real question is, “Does Winnipeg deserve my work?”   


Winnipeg does not deserve this work.

Winnipeg does not deserve this time and this energy.

Like Hamlet, Winnipeg needs to get over itself and get its shit together.  

Or, like Rod Beilfuss, these artists are all going to leave you. 

You'll be an empty shell of wasted potential, stuck watching God Is A Scottish Drag Queen every day for the rest of your life, praying for the sweet release of a subtle metaphor. 

I believe in you, Herr Winnipeg. 

We're all rooting for you. 

69 Walhburgers. 

A Perfect Score for a near-perfect show, with an extra Walhburger for the Walhberg shoutout.

God bless us.

PS. Sexual coercion is not "inappropriate wooing"!!!


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