Flesh-Coloured Crayons

Created by Frances Koncan

in collaboration with the company

In 1962, under pressure from the Civil Rights movement, Crayola changed their infamously named Crayon colour FLESH to the not-completely-racially-insensitive PEACH. Now, in 2016, Flesh-Coloured Crayons are back in all their colours of the wind and excited to make you a part of their world! 


“Flesh-Coloured Crayons” is a fun, fabulous comedy show featuring sketch, stand-up, and improv. But what makes US stand out from allllllllll the other comedy shows happening at Fringe? Well, for one, we are 100% white guy free.


This comedy show featuring improv, stand-up, sketch, and storytelling will take you on a magic carpet ride through unique and diverse perspectives, with bold performances by up-and-coming underrepresented voices in Winnipeg comedy that will surely make a man out of you.


Our show is produced, created, and performed entirely by a cast of diverse, up-and-coming voices in the Winnipeg comedy scene, and features exclusively women!

Winnipeg Fringe Festival

Winnipeg, MB

July 13th - 24th 2016

with Riva Billows, Kristina Guevarra, Frances Koncan, Anjali Sandhu, and guests!


  • July 14th at 7:30PM

  • July 16th at 3:30PM

  • July 17th at 7:00PM

  • July 19th at 6:45PM

  • July 20th at 3:30PM

  • July 21st at 5:00PM

  • July 23rd at 3:30PM

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