Riot Resist

Revolt Repeat

Written and Directed by Frances Koncan

Winnipeg Fringe Festival

Winnipeg, MB

July 19th - 30th

The Rudolf Rocker

starring Melanee Deschambeault, Eric Rae, Riva Billows, and Erica Wilson. 

stage managed by Sandy Klowak

"Riot Resist Revolt Repeat" is a new play by Indigenous writer and director Frances Koncan.


In the near-future, in a city surrounded by walls and a world where water is scarce and a luxury available only to the very rich, a revolution is beginning.


Iskwe, a young Cree woman, is struggling with bipolar disorder. Her current state of depression is further complicated by the loss of sister, who went missing one year ago. Experiencing discrimination at the hospital where she is being treated for her illness, Iskwe meets a new friend who convinces her that her sister has been kidnapped and taken Outside the Wall. Together, they embark on a journey to find her... but a mysterious person known only as The Gatekeeper, sworn to defend the Wall, has other plans. As Iskwe's mental health continues to deteriorate under discriminatory, colonial treatment methods, the boundaries between the world of the Wall and the world of the Hospital begin to disintegrate, leaving her more confused than ever... and more powerful.


Drawing inspiration from the current political landscape of North America, the threat of climate change, the Cree legend of the Rainbow Warriors, and the musical stylings of Nick Cave, Lana Del Rey, and Iggy Pop, "Riot Resist Revolt Repeat" is a brand new play that is sure you to leave you feeling uncomfortable with your privilege, but tapping your feet anyway.


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